Five more things I’d do if I owned a hotel

As you might already know, I travel a lot. These trips give me lots of opinions on how hotels should be set up to best accommodate guests.

Fort Lauderdale balcony

Here are a few more things I’d do if I owned a hotel. You can read the original list here.

1. Dump the rain style shower heads.

I don’t wash my hair every day, particularly on the morning when I race to the airport. At least offer a hand-held alternative.

2. Gimme coffee.

Ensure that there’s a coffee bar offering quality barista-made espresso beverages and good grab-and-go breakfast options. I recently stayed at the W Victory Lane in Dallas and while complimentary brewed coffee was offered in the lobby, the nearest Starbucks or similar was a ten minute walk away. That’s time I don’t often have.

And feel free to stop putting the little coffee maker in the room. I’m not ever using it.

3. Give a girl a place to put her leg.

More and more hotels are doing away with tubs and offering only stall showers. That’s fine, but include a bench or ledge where I can prop my leg while shaving, as well as put my shampoo and conditioner.

4. Don’t assume everyone loves down pillows and featherbeds.

Even if I weren’t allergic to feathers, I don’t enjoy the feeling of a featherbed. YMMV. Personally I’d much rather a clean, hypoallergenic mattress encasement beneath the sheets.

5. Offer slippers.

The NH hotel chain offers guests a pair of sealed, new slippers to use in-room. I always travel with flip-flops, striving never to step barefoot on a hotel carpet, but I love the fresh slippers when I stay at NH Guadalajara.

What would you do differently if you owned a hotel?

10 thoughts on “Five more things I’d do if I owned a hotel

  1. Paul

    Hmm, I’ll take the little in-room coffee machine if you don’t want it. There’s no way I can function well enough to even find the lobby without a coffee before I leave the room. Granted I’m a caffine pig, so the coffee brand doesn’t matter much. I have very proletarian tastes – sorry. I agree 100% about the ledge in the shower – it annoys me to no end when I pay big bucks for a room and have no place to set my shampoo, soap, etc (don’t shave my legs, but I can appreciate a well shaved leg 🙂 ) The slippers are a neat idea – I’ve never seen them but on consideraion, they would likely only cost pennies a pair when bought in bulk and are a nice touch. The shower heads and bedding are pretty much personal choices and I suspect you’d get a wide variety of preferences on those ones if you did a survey. I stayed once at the Chateau Laurier in Ottawa and they were always one step ahead – I couldn’t imagine better service or quality accomodations.

  2. joeyfullystated

    I’m a bather, so without a tub, I’m fairly miserable.
    And ditto on the coffee. Who would use that filthy little coffee pot? With the tiny pods of crap coffee? When we’re in hotels, my husband goes to the lobby, or out for coffee while I bathe, God love’im!


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