I want Botox

Just a little.


Right between my eyebrows.


I generally feel fine about how I’m aging. But that crease near the start of my left eyebrow has been bugging me recently.

One thing holding me back? Spending money frivolously. Kenya is $$$$.

Have you tried Botox? Good experience/bad experience?

Obviously these are my PRE Brazilian Blowout pics.

17 thoughts on “I want Botox

  1. jenbrunett

    use scotch tape! tee hee At least it’s fun to play with. I can barely see that wrinkle without the close up, btw. And I love your nail polish color!

  2. Paul

    Please don’t end up like those women who have perpetually surprised looks on their faces from too much Botox. We like you the way you are. The tiny little wrinkle makes you look wise.

  3. brickhousechick

    When I was having motility issues in my esophagus and problems swallowing, one of the remedies was to inject Botox inside my esophagus to relax it and hold it in place. Can you imagine the waste?????? Luckily, my problems went away before I had to go under.

  4. taniaha

    Haven’t done it myself but definitely not ruling it out – I used to work for a doc who had a lot of Botox patients, results were very good. He went for a more natural effect; eg using less Botox, to avoid the Nicole Kidman look. Usually it’s priced by the unit/ area because that’s how the docs buy it from Allergan. So you can shop around but my advice is get referrals from friends and find a good, reputable doctor. If you look at their before and afters you’ll get a sense for their style. I suggest you go to a cosmetic dermatologist or a cosmetic/plastic surgeon who understands face muscles, and not just any doctor. Laws vary by state as to who can legally administer Botox, in California you just had to be an M.D. so podiatrists were getting into the business of injecting because it was a revenue driver, but they didn’t have the experience. Downsides are that you can get drooping if not done right (like in the eye area) tho it’s temporary and you might bruise at the injection site… Don’t do it right before an important event. 😉 And I don’t suggest you do a Botox “party” where it’s at someone’s house or a salon, that’s my personal preference to be in a dr’s office with lots of bright light and nice, sterile instruments. My two cents!


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