The end of the Letterman era. Who’s next?

Letterman is retiring. I think it’s for the best. He used to be so lively and fun.


Now? Cranky, sometimes mean.

On one hand, I hope women are in the mix for the new host of Late Night.

Very much so.

On the other, it’s a very specific career path. If you’re good at it, you hold the post for the rest of your active career. If you’re bad – rather, if ratings aren’t stellar – you get replaced and your image takes a hit.

Via Wikimedia and NBC

Why would someone like the awesome Tina Fey set herself up for that while also potentially limiting her ability to work on other projects like television show development and films and best-selling books?


Johnny Carson occasionally had guest hosts cover for him. Reruns are the worst. Who wants to sit through, say, Russell Crowe promoting Noah months later?

Is it time for the talk show model to change? If so, how?

Update: Ellen would be perfect for this. 

6 thoughts on “The end of the Letterman era. Who’s next?

  1. FreeRangeCow

    I also think he’s gone totally cranky. I think Fallon’s youth and grasp of social media has been his boon. If a woman got it, I would dance and then drop dead of shock.

    1. onechicklette Post author

      Please don’t die! I love Fallon but can’t help but watch his Tonight Show and see it through my mother’s eyes. Growing up she adored Carson and transitioned to Leno. With Fallon she doesn’t always get the joke, she said. But that’s natural I suppose.


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