How was your weekend?

I had the lovely low-key weekend that I set out to. Already I was trying to be more frugal than usual because of the Kenya trip.

But guess what? I went and booked a cheap Caribbean trip for Memorial Day Weekend with one of my good friends. Maybe we’ll see a shark like I did in Grand Cayman.

The shark

Now it’s time to throw life into Serious Saving gear. In other words, Botox definitely has to wait.

Friday night was spent plotting out the trip. We’re using my airline miles to fly to our island getaway which is great but there are still costs involved: taxes and a processing fee. For this trip, it worked out to $130 per person. Booked outright, our itinerary would have cost $1044 which would have been impossible for me this year.

I spent Saturday morning and afternoon being truly slothful and it felt amazing. No regrets. I did a quick workout in my apartment building’s gym while catching up on my current favorite show, The Americans.

On Saturday night, I saw The Grand Budapest Hotel with my friends Seth and Erica. Have you seen it? I found it so charming in typical Wes Anderson style.

Via Fox Searchlight

After the movie, we went to one of my Williamsburg favorites, Bar Below Rye, for drinks and French fries. Erica and Seth are moving to California soon so we had a lot to catch up on.

I got home in time to catch most of Saturday Night Life. Anna Kendrick was a terrific host. She’s so funny on Twitter.

How was your weekend? Hope you enjoyed yourselves!


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