The Mother’s Day gift my Mom isn’t getting

And yes, I know Mom isn’t supposed to be capitalized when preceded by ‘my’ or ‘your’ but it just feels wrong not to capitalize it. I will break this rule every time. 

Spring for me is the triple whammy of gift giving: Dad‘s birthday, Mother‘s Day, parents’ wedding anniversary.


Finding gifts for the people I love more than bacon and naps, who have the means to buy themselves whatever their hearts’ desire AND who always proclaim that they don’t want me spending money on them is hard.

All of the major shopping sites including RueLaLa and Etsy have dedicated Mother’s Day sections right now. I sincerely hope my mother never becomes aware of the existence of this pillow design.

Via CrabbyChris on Etsy

Via CrabbyChris on Etsy

I have enough pressure in that regard, OK?

I got Mom a different pillow. A prettier one, I’d argue, and with fewer expectations.

First I considered this one. It’s true (even though she doesn’t see it).

Like Mother

But then I found and liked this sentiment and design. For any philosophical differences Mom and I have, I am always being reminded that I am so fortunate to have her for mine.



I can’t help but feel a little “I bought my mother a novelty pillow?” right now, to be honest. But it’s done.

This post isn’t sponsored by RueLaLa, Etsy or anyone. I wish it were because surely sponsored posts bring in more $$ than the itty bitty ads you see here. If you click ’em, I’ll be your best friend.

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