In case you’re new here

I’ve seen you new folks lurking (and I love you for it).

Today in lieu of a new Twitter Spotlight, I thought I’d point out some posts from the past that shed a light on what’s going on here.

Is that cool with you? Good.

First, please read my post about Shame Sex and tell me who you would do, even though you know it would be totally wrong. Also, I totally hit that.


Next, let’s flash back to Prince Harry in Vegas. Just because. 

Via Extra

Via Extra

Then, what do you think about this horribly awkward story? And yes, I feel this way about being single.

In closing, let’s talk about NYC. I do a lot. In fact, part of me starting this blog was to talk about my move back to New York from DC. Now I have a To Do List. Item #1 is here.

Now tell me about you…


15 thoughts on “In case you’re new here

  1. Adrienne

    Hey Jen! Did you see Broad City’s take on Shame Sex in the season finale? Poehler & them owe you some royalties.

    1. onechicklette Post author

      I realized the need. Often I read a blog post elsewhere and then go to the About, looking for a narrative that pulls everything together. Expect more on that front from me soon. Thanks as always for commenting!

  2. joeyfullystated

    I’m too old to like that “Girls” show. I watched four or five episodes and decided I couldn’t relate to any of the characters. I do love the Tina Fey eastern European sketch though.
    I’m so old, and so boring, my to-do list is like, “Can my husband be home more, so I can do him more often?”


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