My NYC To Do List – Progress Report

As you may recall, I started My NYC To Do List not long after moving back here after ten years in DC. My attention to The List has been, well, haphazard at best.

But I’m focused now. Ready to tackle stuff and add new To Dos.

1. Check out Sleep No More – accomplished!

2. Eat at Traif – achieved, more than once.


3. See the Radical Camera exhibit – missed. That will teach me to pick things with realistic deadlines. Maybe.

4. Attend a Saturday Night Live taping (Click)

5. Raise a stein at Radegast Beer Hall – done. Brunch there was OK but not exciting enough to post about (apparently). I need to try again.

6. Visit the World Trade Center Memorial – Negative.

7. Go to Coney Island – this summer for sure. I’m hoping @full_of_moxie will go with me.

8. Check out the High Line – done. This one was easy.

9. See Book of Mormon – argh, still haven’t done.

10. Zip line in NYC (in lieu of that, I did this)

11. Take the Brooklyn Brewery tour

12. See Then She Fell – no, but there’s still time.

13. Experience a cheese class – done, and so great.


14. Get tickets to Orphans on Broadway (missed it unfortunately)

15. Eat at Peter Luger – this should be the easiest due to proximity but no.

What would be on your To Do List for wherever you life? 

12 thoughts on “My NYC To Do List – Progress Report

  1. Deborah Ilene

    I haven’t read anything past the word Traif. That place is amazing. I have been there one time. My friend Jonathan and I went to TOWN. We got scallops twice. Pork belly more than once. Ugh – so so so so so so so good!

  2. Deborah Ilene

    I have not. That’s 100% going on the list for the next time I make it up to NYC.
    Also, I did the World Trace Center Memorial – so moving. And while I didn’t go to an SNL taping (naturally there would be a 20 year wait list or something,) I did go on the NBC studio tour and sat in the seats once. That should count.

    I love your list. It’s important to be a tourist in your own town. I did that with Chicago even after living there for 24 years.

  3. Paul

    It’s a neat idea to have a “to do” list for your own town. i’m terrible at that. I’ve lived in teh capital of Canada for 20 years and have never visited the Parliment buildings or the National Art Museum. I’m ashamed.

  4. Heather

    A cheese class at Murray’s has been on my list of to-dos for ages! I really need to get on that one. 🙂


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