Weekend Update

I approached this weekend with little planned – in a good way! Business travel Monday and Tuesday had left me feeling a bit tired.

Dinner on Friday with my friend Julie popped up as an option. We had a drink at Jane and then dinner at The Dutch. Very fun catching up.

Via glenwoodnyc.com

On Saturday, I was positively slothful. No regrets.

I had looked at driving to Pennsylvania to see my family for Easter brunch, but rental car prices were very high. Mom and Dad said “stay put.” Instead I went for Sunday brunch with Adrienne.

We tried to get in at Clinton Street Baking Company but were told there would be a two and a half hour wait. No joke.

clinton st

We wandered a bit and found B4. Loved it, particularly the house-made pastries.

After brunch, we wandered. First, we stopped at the tiny shop Random Accessories. If I had a pregnant friend, I’d buy one of these onesies.

Click for source

We popped into Evolution. Remember that spot? Adrienne touched raccoon penis bones.


We ate free samples at Vosges and giggled at Pearl River Mart.


I have crossed into tl;dr territory so I’ll stop now and ask: how was your weekend?

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