A list of good reads

Not just books either. Although I’m reading three right now:

  • The Accident – great for fans of Gone Girl (I just finished)
  • We Need New Names – I’m mid-read now but I think that if you liked Little Bee (I did!), you’ll probably enjoy this
  • Improvise – thoughts and stories about career development

Click for photo right info

Other great reads from around ye olde internet:

Now you tell me: what do I need to read?

13 thoughts on “A list of good reads

  1. HotSexyBookLove

    “Saint Monkey” by Jacinda Townsend
    “If You’re Not Yet Like Me” by Edan Lepucki
    “Because” by Joseph Riippi
    “At Night We Walk in Circles” by Daniel Alarcon

  2. Jackie Cangro

    Thanks so much for the shout out.
    And thank you for the recommendation of We Need New Names. I was a fan of Little Bee, so it sounds like I would be very interested in this one.


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