You’re pretty, Chicago

Chicago view

(even if you are just 45 degrees in late April)


I was traveling on business (as usual!) and got upgraded at the Ritz-Carlton to a 30th floor suite with this incredible view of Lake Michigan.


Lucky, lucky me!


8 thoughts on “You’re pretty, Chicago

  1. Deborah Ilene

    I’m so INSANELY jealous. I grew up in the suburbs and live, eat, breathe and LOVE the city. If you have any questions about places to eat or things to do… I’m clearly your girl. Enjoy my kind of town.

  2. Paul

    Awesome pictures – love the way the view from the Ritz looks over the Hilton, as if to say: You are beneath me. Ha!

  3. LAMarcom

    I did my Navy Boot Camp at Great Lakes Naval (navel?) training close to Chicago. When I got out, and had some freedom, I used to take the train to Chicago. State Street was for me.


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