My fall from travel grace

“What time is your flight?” Carolyn asked me

“10:45. But…I have to check a bag”

The faces of two horrified friends–Carolyn plus Morgan–stared back at me. I felt ashamed.

“I know. I don’t usually check a bag but this time…I…I just grabbed the wrong suitcase. I have four of them.”


I fiddled with my wine glass and then continued.

“Recently my trips have been short ones so i have been talking my half-size wheelie bag.”


“My suitcases are usually stored like nesting dolls. I grabbed the wrong bag and it was too big to carry on. I didn’t realize until I got to security at LGA and they sent me back to Ticketing.”

My friends nodded, but unconvincingly. At this point that I realized the extent of my friends’ disapproval. I may be shunned.

My fall from travel grace is complete.

*     *     *

I’m just back from a long business/pleasure trip to Chicago and San Francisco. As a result I have zero (!) blog posts scheduled. Bear with me.

6 thoughts on “My fall from travel grace

  1. LAMarcom

    From my “Day One” I posted too much; held naught in reserve. Had so much to say (still do), but with all the tears and beers, it do git harder…
    When I do not post something ever’day, I feel bad.
    Then I think, “Lance, don’t post shit for shit’s sake”
    (not saying you would; you know I follow and check your posts), all I am saying is for me.
    I get so pissed at me!
    None of this will make sense to you from my perspective, Yes, I know, but, It feels good to speak it.


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