Oops, I did it again

Remember Das Boot? I do.

Guess what? I am presently in another orthopedic boot, and I am miserable.


Nope, I didn’t re injure the ankle I broke. It’s the other foot.

Apparently I have a stress fracture. My foot has been hurting for about six weeks now. I got an MRI on the night of the hideous rainstorm.

I have no idea how I developed this issue. Can I blame yoga?

Surprisingly I don’t want to. I regret that I can’t go for 4-6 weeks.

Now accepting your sympathy and attempts to make me laugh in the comments. Get on it!

10 thoughts on “Oops, I did it again

      1. ladyofthecakes

        Quick, let’s get them patented!

        Oh, and also the dual-purpose crutches: At the click of a button, they convert into bayonets, allowing the user to slay any female suspected of approaching THEIR man. I mean, what’s a Latvian girl to do if an unfortunate accident causes her a temporary loss of agility? She’s got to compensate somehow, right?

  1. Paul

    Hmmm, looks like you put your best foot forward …and got it run over again. Has to be the yoga – you’ll do anything to get out of that, I can tell.


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