Eat these cookies!

Life is tense right now.

Concern #1? My beloved Dad is not well. I would appreciate it if you’d send him your very best thoughts for better health.

this is an old photo

this is an old photo

Concern #2: it looks like I have found a new apartment. This is a good thing, but moving is a pain. More on this soon.

Concern #3: my stupid foot. It’s a drag being in the boot.

In an effort to accentuate happier things, let’s talk about cookies. You already know I’m a connoisseur. But have you had Tate’s?

You can’t go wrong with chocolate chip, but my favorites of the moment are butterscotch pecan.

(and I don’t event like nuts)

As always, this post is not sponsored. I paid for the cookies my own damn self.


23 thoughts on “Eat these cookies!

  1. markbialczak

    Get well, Jennifer’s Dad.

    Get outta the boot, Jennifer’s foot.

    You seem to be liking nuts at least somewhat, Jennifer the cookie lover.

    That’s what she said!

  2. NotAPunkRocker

    Mmmmm. Cookies.

    Good news on the apartment, though I agree moving is a pain. Sorry about the foot in the boot, I had that last year and was more trouble than it ended up being worth (for me).

    Hope your dad recovers soon.

  3. Deborah Ilene

    Ugh – I hope your dad gets better super fast. That way you can just be stressed about moving (which is never EVER not a bitch. Even if you hire movers to pack and move you, it’s overwhelming.) Now I want to bake cookies.

  4. ladyofthecakes

    Aw, what a selection of downers 😦 They say that bad things come in threes, so that should be it now. Fingers crossed.

    Moving with your foot in that contraption? Eeeek!


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