Random Monday thoughts

Hiya. Guess who’s moving in a few weeks? Yep, me. More on that soon. The decluttering is underway.

Here are a few things I’m thinking about and reading right now.

Why can’t airport and hotel Starbucks have the same pastries as regular Starbucks? These are no good.


Brooklyn isn’t a popular girls’ name in Brooklyn. Thank goodness. Although that’s the name of my neighbors‘ [male] cat. Via BKmag.

I live in the second most stressed out American city, NYC, and used to live in the most stressed out city, Washington DC. In NYC, money stresses me out the most. In DC, it was traffic.

Missed connections for a-holes via the New Yorker. I think this one is my favorite.

You: sitting next to your backpack on the Brooklyn-bound L train last night.

Me: super tired, holding onto the rail, standing up.

I asked you to move your backpack so I could sit down. You said you were getting off in “only one more stop.” I just nodded and looked away. I don’t know if you will ever see this, but if you do I’d love to meet up. Manners are sort of my thing, and I’d love to teach you some.

Should I feel guilty for having a favorite kid among a blogger’s three young ones? Because I especially adore Ezra. Via amalah.

I am an absolute idiot for not committing to watching every damn thing Amy Schumer puts on television and the internet. Could I relate to her recent speech? YES. And then some. Candace has been praising Amy for ages. Why haven’t I paid attention?

Delicious gluttony in NYC with Chef Naomi Pomeroy. Via Grub Street.

6 thoughts on “Random Monday thoughts

  1. LAMarcom

    Laughing my ass off!
    “I’ve been told to use less of them”
    Oh MY GAWD!!!

    Moving is the worst thing in the world (until it’s done)


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