Moving on up!

I’m moving on up…to the Northside of Williamsburg, that is.

At the end of May, I’ll be moving approximately seven blocks from where I presently live to a much larger apartment I’ll share with my friend Katie.

One bonus: my rent is going to go down by a LOT. Another bonus? There’s a washer dryer in the apartment. This is a big dealย in NYC.

When I told my motherย that I am moving, it was clear to me that she hoped it would be to a Manhattan apartment. Sorry, Mom.


I like Williamsburg and here I can afford a much, much nicer apartment than in Manhattan.

The only thing I’m not excited about? Packing. Ugh.

11 thoughts on “Moving on up!

  1. LAMarcom

    I fell in love with NYC (and Glynnis O’Connor) back in the mid-seventies. (after watching the movie, ‘Jeremy’). I even wrote a letter to Glynnis. Sadly, she did not respond, and I was DEVASTATED.

    Anyhow, I have always wanted to visit New York City. But have only been there ‘flying through’. I suspect JFK is not the way to experience NYC.


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