Monday reads + May is kind of the worst month ever (for me)

So far, May has packed a wallop between my foot, Dad being in the hospital, packing to move and now, strep throat*. Ugh.


The only thing that is keeping me going right now is my upcoming vacation. I really need it.

Here are some other things holding my attention right now:

This might be my first beach read. Have you read it?

The Bachelorette starts tonight. Will you watch? You know I will!

You’re not special (sorry). Taye Diggs is following everyone on Twitter.

Some of my DC friends had issues with this NYT post about what to do in Washington, DC.

Fun to think about: Best TV Moms via @kimlw on her blog Midnight Snark.

DC’s Brooklyn Flea outpost is no more.

Forever my favorite:

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*Seriously, shout out to CityMed for the speedy attention on a Sunday morning in a nice, clean, modern facility.

12 thoughts on “Monday reads + May is kind of the worst month ever (for me)

  1. mappy52

    Will you be storing them after use? I’ve always used cardboard because it can be broken down and recycled easily.

    Have not read “A Life in Men” but it looks good. Let us know what you think.

    Will NOT be watching anything with Bach…. in it’s title.

    Taye Diggs is nice to look at. That’s all I need.

    Is it not reasonable to have someone who writes for the NYP tell others what to do and see in DC? *snark*

    A new blog to follow. Bookmarked and looking forward to reading.

    Good flea markets with decent vendors are hard to come by. Unfortunate this one is closing after only one year.

    I’ll be following exoticomo on Instagram now. Funny stuff! I love grumpy cats.

    Hope the meds are working on the strep.

    I love your blog šŸ™‚

  2. mappy52

    I hope you get my sense of humor *snark*, It is very difficult to read someone through the written word when they are not as gifted as you. I think it’s great the moving company has gone green. I wonder how many others are as aware.

  3. Amy

    Feel better and keep up with the meds! Even when you feel better! Strep is no joke but thankfully curable. Get rest and drink a lot of liquids. And hope your Dad is on the mend!


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