Saying goodbye to NeighborKid (and other thoughts on moving)

Last Sunday, I played apartment hallway baseball with NeighborKid. I had a minor hangover and was wearing the boot. Truthfully I just wanted to go back to bed with a pillow over my face.

But she was so happy to play that I kept pitching and she kept hitting.

After all, I’m moving soon so I won’t have many more moments like these.


When I moved into this apartment, NeighborKid was two and a half years old. More baby-like than kid often. She had a sometimes challenging personality (her parents would agree!). But now, she’s fun and silly and I’ll miss her.

Fortunately the new apartment is giving me lots of reasons to be excited:

I’m going to live with an awesome friend, K, my first roommate in ages. Added bonus? K loves to cook.

Our new place has a washer and dryer in-unit. This is a big deal in NYC.


I’ll be saving nearly $700 per month in rent alone.

The new building has an enormous roof deck with 360 degree views. Will I use it much? Probably not as I’m indoorsy, but I’m glad it’s there.


A quieter bedroom. My current apartment faces a noisy street. There’s a good amount of honking and such plus a ringing bell from the nearby emergency service station (it rings every time the garage doors open or close, which is often). I usually sleep right through it but my new bedroom faces a quiet little street.

A less sunny bedroom. My entire apartment faces south. While sunlight is great in theory, it means I have to run the air conditioning a lot all summer, and put a pillow over my face when I want to sleep late. (you would think that I would have bought a sleep mask by now, right?)

11 thoughts on “Saying goodbye to NeighborKid (and other thoughts on moving)

  1. Paul

    You should have an apartment warming party when you get settled in. We (your devoted world-wide followers) need to see pictures.


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