Eat this: Apple Handpie

If you’re old enough to remember McDonald’s original apple pies, you’ll be so happy you read this post.

For the young’uns reading this, gather ’round and indulge me as I get nostalgic for a moment.

Back in the day, my ballet studio was located around the corner from a McDonald’s. How convenient. As kids, my dancing queen friends and I would run over there between classes, gorge on quarter pounders with cheese, fries and the coup de grâce, apple pies.

For source, click the image

For source, click the image

Today’s McDonald’s apple pies are a sad affair. What made the pies of old so special? Well, they were fried with a buttery golden crust that held in a molten filling of apples, cinnamon and other delicious unhealthy things. One had to be careful when taking that first bite lest it scorch the mouth or explode onto one’s leotard.

ballet Jen tutu

Totally worth the risk.

Being young, we had no problem dancing with full bellies (but our teacher, Mrs. Reynolds, might have to yell at us to suck it in a bit more than usual!).

Lucky for me, Oslo Coffee sells apple hand pies made by Daly Pie that totally scratch the itch for me. If you stop by Oslo and they’re sold out…oops. My bad.

9 thoughts on “Eat this: Apple Handpie

  1. Paul

    Whoa I remember those apple pies! They were bubbly crispy pastry on the outside and ALWAYS mouth scortching on the inside. And the little cardboard container could be re-closed to preserve any left-over pie – not that that ever happened except in dire emergencies. Yummm.

      1. ladyofthecakes

        It was kind of a fun job. I got to invent new fillings 😉

        Making industrial custard, though, was absolutely gross. It took me years before I could eat that stuff again.

  2. Angelle

    Once upon a time, I had a boyfriend cook me dinner, but I was in charge of dessert.
    I brought two McDs apple pies.
    I think that might have been the beginning of the end, but damn they were delicious.


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