Freeport, Bahamas – a lovely place to relax

I hate that moment when you realize that your vacation has come and gone.


But it happened and for that, I’m really grateful.


Freeport is a sleepy part of Grand Bahama Island. That slow pace was exactly what I needed.


Pool versus beach was the hardest decision I made during the course of the trip.

The beaches and water are gorgeous.


We stayed at the Grand Lucayan resort and had a lovely stay. Well, other than my antibiotics-aided sunburn.


I could be sad about vacation being over. Or I could start planning for Kenya.

I think I know what to do.

6 thoughts on “Freeport, Bahamas – a lovely place to relax

  1. Paul

    Absolutely gorgeous OC. I’m still rooting for Kenya though – I’m sure it will be an experience to beat all! Can’t wait until you start showing us around Kenya.


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