How was your weekend?

My weekend started a little early with Arte Agave on Thursday.

Arte Agave

It was awesome! I hope those of you who attended had as much fun as my friends and me, enjoying margarita popsicles, terrific live music and tiny hats.


It felt very much like summer here in NYC. After a busy couple of weeks, I set aside a lot of much-needed quality time…for myself. I continued to work on the apartment and dug into season 2 of Orange is the New Black. No spoilers – I’m only two episodes in.

My roommate and I also went to Zona Rosa here in Williamsburg for delicious tacos and queso fundido on the restaurant’s roof. Naturally, I had a michelada (OK, two).

Zona Rosa


On Sunday, I had a meeting in New Jersey with my group for the Kenya trip.


For the record, I still shun chains but it was all we could find near our destination. I had a “Blue Agave” margarita (which was not blue, fortunately) and even with the salted rim, it was too sweet.

We practiced our Kiswahili and Ma words, talked about what to pack and got better acquainted with our travel mates. I’m getting so excited! More on Kenya very soon.

How was your weekend?

12 thoughts on “How was your weekend?

  1. Steph

    You are so positive and funny. I can’t wait to hear about the Kenya trip. I have some friends in Malawi doing mission work and I wish I was there!

  2. NotAPunkRocker

    I shopped for my son’s graduation and watched a bunch of OITNB. I am trying to figure out how late I can stay up tonight and try to finish the second season.

  3. girlseule

    I went on a wine tour around a bunch of vineyards on a karaoke party bus so that was fun! You must be getting very excited about your upcoming Kenya trip!

  4. LAMarcom

    Wow! I had forgotten about your upcoming trip to Kenya. You will love it. Kenyans are some of the most wonderful people you will ever meet. As I think we have discussed, I spent a week in Kenya back in the Eighties, and more recently (2011-2012), I worked with lots of folks from Kenya while I was in Afghanistan. Hopefully you will be able to keep us all up to date while you are there. I look forward to reading all about your experiences.

    1. onechicklette Post author

      Thanks, Lance. I’m afraid the trip is in jeopardy now thanks to increasing violence. It isn’t near our destination but group members are very concerned.

      1. LAMarcom

        Hopefully things will settle down. There are issues with the Al-Shabaab terrorist group operating out of Somalia.

        Anyway, I am thinking positive thoughts for your trip, but of course your safety is the utmost in importance.

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