[Un]happy Monday

Why unhappy? There’s no Bachelorette airing tonight. Boo hoo. Some of my Twitter friends are surely rejoicing, TBH.

[In all seriousness, I’m eager to watch Diane Sawyer interview Hillary Clinton.]

One thing I won’t miss: Bachelorette Andi saying “STOP.” In case you haven’t noticed, Andi says this word a lot.



Last week’s episode with Eric’s departure was rough. It’s hard not to think “what if?” about his premature exit and later, untimely death.

In happier news, Bachelor in Paradise is in production and I’m excited to see more of a particular yet-to-be-announced cast member. More on that soon…


9 thoughts on “[Un]happy Monday

  1. hollie

    Her “stop” drives me nuts. Then again, I’m sure if I were on this show I would say all sorts of things that people would hate!

      1. hollie

        I think Brian and Chris are alright. Marquel seems fun. In previous seasons I’ve had someone I’ve really rooted for. This season I find that I’m more rooting against people than rooting for.

      2. hollie

        I’m a sucker for junk TV, it’s so bad that I get sucked in to the stupidity. My son watches it with me and makes fun of then right along with me!

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