Tuesday reads

Happy Tuesday! Hope your week is off to a great start.

I can’t lie: I’m thinking ahead to my next beach trip in a few weeks.


I am *amazed* by what people (mostly men) put on Tinder

This man didn’t sit down for a whole month. Via New York Magazine.

Uzo Adubas “leaked” audition tape for Orange is the New Black. Via Funny or Die.

Are you a recent college grad? Don’t make these career mistakes.

Please head over to the Redhead Report and give your support to Jenna, who is facing cancer again.

I really want to see Obvious Child. My Twitter buddy Abby Draper said it’s the best.

The gynecologist told you to buy WHAT? Don’t click this link if you’re easily offended. Just trust me.

My boo Tracy Morgan seems to be getting better, thank goodness.

5 thoughts on “Tuesday reads

  1. Samara

    Awww, you sweetie! You linked to my dildo post!
    Guess what? We have more in common than you realize. It’s a secret…you’ll have to email me to find out…cause I’m anonymous…
    xoxo. Happy Tuesday to you, my little chickadee!

  2. NotAPunkRocker

    Isn’t that Tinder Tumblr site great? Lots of fun to read when I am bored or thinking of dating again 🙂

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