Marquel for Bachelor

By now, 99% of you Bachelorette viewers know that Marquel was one of three guys sent home by that lunatic Andi on the most recent episode.

I crossed out the lunatic part but between Marquel and Eric, I have real questions about her judgment. Although maybe she and I should be friends: we would never fight over men.

Editing is everything, but on this season, Marquel came across as likable and intelligent.

Not to mention HOT. Between his smile, eyes and, well, what we saw of his physique, me likey.

If you’re under the age of 30 – unlike me – you should go apply to be on the next season right now. Unless Marquel finds love on Bachelor in Paradise, on his own or simply says “No thanks ABC,” he’s the odds on favorite to star in the next season.

None of those other bozos from Andi’s season can compare.

One potential problem is this: what if starring in his own season reveals that Marquel isn’t all that? We got burned badly by Juan Pablo. Dare we get our hopes up again?

Here’s my real question though: if Marquel does become the next Bachelor, can I still be a snarky jerk on Twitter or do I have to get all serious?

This post by Melissa Locker does a terrific job of considering the significance of Marquel as the first black Bachelor. I hate that Marquel’s race is even a discussion point, but as he eloquently (and poignantly) pointed out, to many people, his blackness is the first thing noticed.

If Marquel is The Chosen One – and I hope he is – I’ll take a moment to think about what it all means, but then I’ll get right back to tweeting inanities and hoping for some hot tub action.

1 thought on “Marquel for Bachelor

  1. Weeza

    I think perhaps race matters, not necessarily to the couple, but to their extended family. Especially with older family members who missed the memo on equality ( I know a few in my family tree who still don’t get the concept)


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