I met Fitzroy and it was glorious

I made plans to meet my Twitter friend Wendy Brandes. I was already looking forward to it when she kindly offered to introduce me to Fitzroy and his dog siblings Gigi and Henry.

In spite of my allergies, I was really, really excited.

But first Wendy warned me. “He’s shy so you have to ignore him till he gets interested!” When I arrived, Fitzroy didn’t scamper away and hide, which I took as a good sign.


Still, I sort of ignored him and instead lavished Gigi with attention. Gigi is very lovable so that was easy.

Fitzroy blinked and squinted and lurked. I’d occasionally get closer and creep down to his level.

Actually it was like a few of my most recent dates.

Eventually Fitzroy came closer.


He got more comfortable. Or maybe just nosy.


When he made eye contact, I was done.

Lovestruck, I sat on the floor and let him play with my hair. I giggled like a schoolgirl, making a fool of myself.

He let me boop his handsome nose. TWICE!

Best day.

Miraculously, my allergies remained manageable.

PS Wendy is lovely too and you should read her blog.

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