Why did you put that on Tinder? Why are you even on Tinder?!

I blame Eliza for inspiring me to get on Tinder (not really). But it’s my own fault for sticking with it. I find the app so thoroughly entertaining.

OK, most of the time I don’t mean entertaining but horrifying (NSFW), but you get the idea.


Sometimes I’ll be out with friends and one – or all of us – will whip out Tinder to check out the merchandise. Often we end up dissolving into laughter over a guy like this or this. Watch out if you have Tinder open when @Full_Of_Moxie is around because she will make it her job to LIKE a guy you definitely don’t like.

I’ll get you back, friend. Watch out.

Once in a while, an attractive guy who knows how to use spellcheck actually appears. Let’s call this one Andrew because that was, in fact, his name.

I was out with a girlfriend. Andrew and I swapped some messages before he suggested we switch to actual texts. Given that I was a few cocktails in, I said yes.

It wasn’t a love connection to say the least.

It was like something you’d see on Straight White Boys Texting,

If you comb through my Tumblr Why Did You Put That On Tinder, you’ll see things could have been much, much worse. I guess.

Lads, just try to use a bit of charm. Trust me: things will turn out better for you.

For as many guys I have matched and chatted with, I have not yet made myself go through with meeting any of them. At this point, Tinder is for entertainment purposes only.

4 thoughts on “Why did you put that on Tinder? Why are you even on Tinder?!

  1. NotAPunkRocker

    This and GTFO OK Cupid are my two new favorite tumblrs. And have convinced me that I am just fine staying single.


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