Airport shopping in Dubai

Hi friends! I have missed you.
I’m in Dubai on my way from a wonderful time in Kenya.

Don’t worry: I didn’t buy any of these.


I also considered buying a hookah just to see my friends’ reaction as I boarded the plane. But cooler heads prevailed.


I also didn’t buy any Arabic lady fiction (because I will be asleep all the way to NYC).


5 thoughts on “Airport shopping in Dubai

  1. Paul

    What? You’re not bringing us anything back from Dubai?!?! How often does anyone get to go to Dubai? We were expecting a little something. Of course, if you have gifts from Kenya, it won’t be soooo bad. Maybe some pretty pictures? Huh? Huh? (Safe trip OC!)

  2. LAMarcom

    Ah Dubai.
    How many times have I been there?
    Too many.
    Great city though. Always have a great time while there.
    Glad you are coming home.
    Gonna search out (and catch up) on your recent travels.
    Take Care my Friend


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