Last night, I didn’t have to use a flashlight when I got out of bed to go to the bathroom.

Ibises and hyraxes didn’t wake me up at 4 am.


I didn’t have to tiptoe through an unfamiliar tent so as to avoid waiting my Kenya roommate Julie. (not that she ever complained; I highly recommend Julie as a travel companion!)

I didn’t need a hot water bottle to keep me warm as I slept.


I wasn’t greeted by several hundred children singing WELCOME OUR VISITORS! without having consumed an iced latte.

No one asked me “how many years do you have?” and no one said “you really like saying ‘SOPA!'”

I didn’t shower in the dark. (Siana Springs Luxury Tent Camp has electricity only during certain hours of the day. Either way, the shower stall was dark throughout.) Tent

Monkeys didn’t try to steal my food.


Steven didn’t clutch my hand.

Jen with Steven

I missed all of it.

I miss Kenya.

6 thoughts on “Post-Kenya

  1. Paul

    Welcome back! That tent looks like a solid permanent fixture – I’m impressed. I had visions of an old army tent when you said tent. The young lads look so excited (you too, of course). And the hyraxes look so cute – do they make much noise? They look like skinny groundhogs.

  2. LAMarcom

    As one who has lived in a lot of tents, I can certainly relate.
    I miss Kenya too.
    Still have a few Kenyan friends though, and we communicate fairly regularly.
    Great photos.
    Great post.


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