I am hungry ALL THE TIME

Yesterday was Day 7 of my medically-suggested gluten-free month.

In short, I am hungry all the time. You should buy me this shirt right now.


Via Skreened.com

I am also cranky. My joints feel somewhat better, but I otherwise do not feel any different. Except hungry.

Breakfast is still The Worst. When I walk into Starbucks, my mouth waters for the pastries I cannot order.

Without Kind Honey & Oat Clusters and Noosa coconut yogurt, I probably would have quit this experiment already.

Do you think I’ll make it thirty days? I don’t.


Update: I quit the same day this was published after a chat with my doctor. Happily I’m no longer hungry!

13 thoughts on “I am hungry ALL THE TIME

  1. joeyfullystated

    Ugh. I’m sorry. I maintain an anti-inflammatory diet to help with the arthritis. I truly can feel the difference between a day with few breads and a day with little or no bread, so I know it’s valid, but it CAN take the pleasure out of foodie life 😦
    May I suggest cornbread? Buy some Bob’s Red Mill cornbread (which happens to be gluten-free) and make a pile of it. Slather it with butter and eat it with some black-eyed peas! It will fill you up! x

      1. Deborah Ilene

        Do you need me to yell at you for saying that, or do you want me to tell you how good you’ve been doing so far and I know you can do it? Let me know which route to take. I have the speech ready either way.

      2. Deborah Ilene

        This is super confusing. Why would she tell you to do it for a month if she was just gonna let you quit after a week? Well hopefully she already knows what she needs to from the week…

      3. onechicklette Post author

        I told the doctor that I was miserable but health-wise feeling no different. She wanted to make sure that it wasn’t my thyroid medication change (4 weeks in) making me miserable and didn’t see the point of me suffering through more GF days.

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