Did you have a good weekend?

The best word for describing my weekend:



I had pancakes at brunch at Freemans with Adrienne. Dinner of chicken parm and pasta from Max. Pancakes again at brunch at Spring Natural Kitchen with my Kenya trip friend Caroline.

Spring Natural Kitchen

By the time I woke up Sunday morning, I had gained two of the pounds I lost during the gluten-free experiment.

My honest reaction after eight days of feeling sad about food was “Oh well.”

I’ll worry about exercise tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Did you have a good weekend?

  1. Lance

    After an insane July that saw me take 2 vacations including BlogHer 10 in San Jose, Calif, I have been laying low since august 1. My oldest daughter moves into college in 2 weeks so we have decided to down low it all until that emo day. I made pancakes for my girls, I did not eat them.

    Crossfit discipline lately.


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