How could they do this to me??

A place called Aroma did a really mean thing to me.

“What did they do to dear One Chicklette?!” you’re probably asking yourself, feeling outraged. I appreciate that, you know.

This is what Aroma did: They stopped offering MY FAVORITE SALAD! How horrible of them, right?


This is how the whole thing went down:

On a recent work day, I logged in at Seamless, scanned my recent orders and clicked to reorder my go-to salad of arugula, sweet potatoes, chicken, goat cheese, lentils, a sprinkle of granola and lemon vinaigrette.

Imagine my surprise when I got this message:


Surely this was a technical problem. No way would Aroma discontinue my salad. I ordered it anywhere between two and five times each week since sometime in 2012.

Alas, it was not an error. I picked up the phone (ugh!) and called Aroma, figuring my salad could be special ordered. But no. An Aroma employee said that they no longer carried all of the ingredients.

I didn’t know whether to shout, kick my desk or cry. Maybe all three?

This is no small matter. See, as a somewhat-reformed picky eater, I don’t like just any salad. I like THIS salad. Lettuce and cucumbers are EW.

I have tried to replicate the salad at home, but for whatever reason, it just isn’t the same.

Every week or so, I go back to Seamless and try to reorder the magic salad, hoping against hope that the order pops up like it used to. I think “maybe this is the day Aroma realizes that their business can no longer withstand the drop in business!”

Perhaps I should draft a petition, fifth grade style. Or picket outside Aroma. Will you join me?

4 thoughts on “How could they do this to me??

  1. Deborah Ilene

    I’ve written letters to corporate offices requesting the return of items. It’s worked twice. I assume I was not the only dissatisfied person in both cases. In a third case they did not bring back the item, but they did offer to send me their actual recipe.


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