NY Times takes a group of 7 year olds to Daniel

I didn’t want to like this NYT video because it struck me as a blatant rip off of The Bold Italic‘s recent post about a four-year old’s reaction to The French Laundry.

Property of TheBoldItalic.com

Property of TheBoldItalic.com

For more than a year, The Bold Italic has been featuring cute little kids dining at San Francisco dining establishments that are all the rage among adults. Click here to read more of the cherubs’ opinions.

But I like kids (usually) and the New York Times (also usually) so I watched their contribution to this genre of content. Both the kids and Chef Daniel Boulud are charming, making this an enjoyable seven minutes. Bravo to Chef Boulud for taking the children’s feedback like a champ.

While I’d like to think I’d have had little Rohan’s savoir faire, the reality is that at seven, I would have acted like poor picky Chester who I don’t think ate anything until dessert.


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