Say cheese: me in front of the camera

Once in a while, a gal (or a guy) needs a photo-that-isn’t-a-selfie.


For professional reasons, for a web site, for whatever. Having a good picture of your face that someone other than you took is generally a useful thing.


During my DC days, I had head shots taken by a friend of a friend at the request of a regional magazine I had contributed to. I liked the results so much that I utilized the pic for, like, a decade.

Truly, I felt like a fraud continuing to use the photo after the first five years, but by then I had gained weight and desperately wanted to avoid cameras at all costs.


But it was time for new pics. I needed a photographer.

*  *  *

Back in 2011, I had read this post in the NY Times Real Estate section and thought the couple featured was really sweet, particularly Paul who was so kind and accommodating with regard to his mother-in-law. I immediately followed Paul on Twitter and Instagram and we tweet-chatted periodically.

Fast forward three years and we finally met in his Harlem home (yep, the one featured in the aforementioned NYT story) studio for the purpose of getting me updated pics. When Paul asked if I wanted to book hair and make-up, I said “heck, yes,” thinking I might as well go all the way knowing I could be using these head shots for the next few years.

I was attended to by Renee Strong (site here/Thumbtack here) who is her own best advertisement, which is to say beautiful. The last time I had full make-up done professionally was when I was in a wedding in my early 20s (aka The Era of Missing Eyebrows). I tried to relax and enjoy it, but part of me felt, well, insecure.

Once that was taken care of, Paul and his assistant Erin got to work.

Here’s one of the resulting pics:


If Paul can make a mere mortal like me look and feel good, imagine what he’s capable of with more attractive people. Actually, you don’t have to imagine; you can go to his Instagram and his Facebook.

Thank you, Paul, Erin and Renee!

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