“Thank you for being kind.”

“Are you sisters? Twins?”

“Yes,” said one of the almost-matching tiny brown-haired girls who sat down next to me.

“No, they’re best friends,” said the older man accompanying them on the downtown M15 bus. “I hope they’re not bothering you.”

BEST friends,” added one while the other nodded.

“What are you playing?” asked one (I don’t remember which) nodding in the direction of my phone.

“A word game,” I answered. “I love it.”

“I love pink!” one of the girls said excitedly. She was wearing a shiny fuchsia coat.

“Me too!” I responded with great sincerity. “You both have pink coats on with your school uniforms I see.”

“I love HOT PINK,” said the little girl closer to me.

“Oh, me too.” I said. “It’s truly my favorite.”

But then I felt bad because the other little girl was wearing a medium pink jacket with white hearts.

“Yours is awesome too,” I said before changing the subject. “What will you dress up as for Halloween?”

Their guardian gave me a look I interpreted as Stupid Question.

“ELSA!” both girls said before the one closer to me turned to the other and exclaimed “I thought you were going to be ANNA!”

“I changed my mind.”


“What grade are you in?”

“Sixth!” said one. “Pre-K” said the man.

“This is my stop. I hope you have lots of fun on Halloween!”

“Thank you for being kind,” the man said as I made my way to the door.

From the sidewalk, I waved back at two sweet little girls who love pink and the chaperone who made my day.

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