I love tee vee (just not British TV)

*Downton Abbey excluded.

I’ll never be one of those people who say dismissively “oh, I don’t watch television.” (Or worse, “I don’t own a television.”)

In fact, I can’t even see myself ever giving up cable even though it’s all the rage to do so in favor of some combination of Hulu and Apple TV and online…like, stuff. So much of my TV viewing is done passively–my beloved Law & Order marathons on in the background while I work, blog, sleep, read and pretty much anything else.

Here in London, I’ve been struggling to find something to have on in the background during the times when I’m at my hotel. An American might think British TV would be all Masterpiece Theatre 24/7, right?

Alas, no.

There’s CNN, which is obsessively covering the anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall and carries interesting and frequent ads about why you should do business in Nigeria and Abu Dhabi. Or any number of BBC-related stations which talk about football and Obama and football some more.


I finally found a somewhat reliable tv listings site (my hotel cable doesn’t provide a listings guide).British TV

England, I’m sorry the United States sent you Jerseylicious, but you need to explain yourself when it comes to these other programs.



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