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Recently I broke some news to Adrienne aka @full_of_moxie over brunch: Adnan of Serial got married – and divorced apparently – in prison.

Then she gave me quite a look when I told her I think Adnan did it.

Things got slightly better when I also said I didn’t think he should have been convicted. But I still might be on Friend Probation; Adrienne didn’t hug me good-bye post-brunch.

Serial wrapped up and I’m left with a sense of “now what?”

Anyway…yes, I’m still thinking about Serial a lot. And I’m not the only one. There’s a content-packed subreddit that would be glad to take a week – or a month – of your free time.

In addition…

This post on the official Serial site has some answers to my questions about Adnan’s email and Hae’s computer.

I’m now following Rabia Chaudry on Twitter and her blog too.

This post-series interview with Sarah Koenig is a good listen.

Vulture has pages of Serial-related posts.

And I haven’t even touched BuzzFeed’s Serial content. This could take a while.

So, Serial followers, what are you thinking now that Season One is over?

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