Ups and Downs – 2014

When I see friends post “good riddance 2014” or “best year ever!” I scratch my head. Good things happened this year. So did not-so-good things.

But that’s every year. That’s life.

2014 kicked off with snow, cold temperatures, travel and food.


I tried Pure Barre. I considered Botox, but got these shots instead. I ate and ate some more. Travel was a constant, but I mostly liked it.

I got completely fooled (and found it hilarious).

May kicked my ass. I got strep and also found myself in another stupid orthopedic boot. Ugh. Fortunately I did some of my healing in the Caribbean. I really deserved that trip.


My friend Katie and I entered a cooperative living situation aka we became roommates in an awesome new apartment. Months later, we are still friends. Bonus! I do miss NeighborKid though.

In July, I went to Rehoboth and then, I went to Kenya. This trip was a highlight not just for 2014 but for my life.


I started August gluten-free which lasted eight painful days. It was probably the angriest I have been in my adult life (even though I lost four pounds). Music helped. A little.

Until I hit my head and my life stopped for a week or two. As summer came to an end, I really needed this reminder.

In September, I consoled myself with food and started this hard new endeavor.

As my birthday approached, I wondered if people see me as a cautionary tale. New headshots [mostly] cheered me up.

I made a new friend, but tragically lost another. And then I got hooked on Serial.

In November, I went to London. Back home, I helped a tourist.

For Christmas, I wrote a partly tongue-in-cheek gift guide. If you gave any of the joke presents to your family, I’m sorry.

My father’s health had ups and downs. Fortunately he’s super right now.

I met one of my crushes. Yippee!

Aaron Paul

Before I headed out-of-town for Christmas, I shut down my Tinder and strongly urged you to do the same.

And now, I’m celebrating. However you choose to say goodbye to 2014 and welcome to 2015, I hope it feels just wonderful.

Happy New Year, friends!

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