Pics from New Year’s Eve

I told you about the party so I figure sharing a few pics is the least I could do.

Photo booth

In order to keep my friends as friends, I will be selective. Surely you understand.

My friends at Bowery Collective put together an elegant affair. Well-attended but not too crowded. Comfortable.

We had a table and were so well taken care of, but all attendees had easy access to bars scattered throughout the gorgeous event space at Bowery Hotel.


I may have overdone it with the Piper-Heidsieck Champagne. There were, after all, two bottles of the delicious stuff open at our table throughout the night. Our “butler” Asad and waitress Gina made sure of that.


Fortunately I stayed out late enough to miss out on Uber’s stupid surge pricing, unlike last year. And then I spent New Year’s Day in bed. Where I belong.

Full disclosure: While this isn’t a sponsored post, I’m obviously biased when it comes to Bowery Collective events.

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