My weekend in photos

Unlike most weekends, I kicked off this one not with Manhattans, but with Jax.

Via Popsugar

As with Breaking Bad, I arrived late to the Sons of Anarchy party. But now I’m HOOKED. Binging.

Charlie Hunnam as Jax is reminiscent of Kurt Cobain merged with Legends of the Fall-era Brad Pitt.

Jax Collage

I woke up Saturday to a massive fire in my neighborhood. Actually there still is. Please excuse my campfire-smelling hair.


I had a delicious brunch at Lafayette. My friend and I were talking biz so I didn’t take food pics. Fortunately Lafayette has a tasty Instagram.

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Happy Monday from Lafayette! #oui

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After brunch, I went to Bloomingdale’s where I confirmed that I have a pink problem and bought this dress for an upcoming event while wearing this coat.


Screw it. I don’t plan to change. This DVF wrap dress is cute (but a little too short for me).

I was lazy both nights. It felt good. And yes to this.

How was your weekend?


4 thoughts on “My weekend in photos

  1. Vanessa

    Charlie Hunnam pictures derail my entire day. I’m on the SOA late bandwagon bingeing as well! Episode 7 of the first season…
    Jax sometimes throws my concentration, so I miss key plot points on occasion…


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