I found wallpaper and yes, it is pink

I want to wallpaper my bedroom.

Translation: I want to pay someone, ideally a professional, to wallpaper my bedroom. Let’s be clear about that.

I found this rich pink wallpaper that I think is gorgeous.


I had a sample sent to me and loved it.


Unfortunately I then learned that the wallpaper is not offered in a removable form.Ā I live in a rental so this needs to be an easy-to-remove situation. This paper showed up in search for temporary wallpaper so you can imagine my disappointment.

[I emailed Graham & Brown and was told it “peels off easily” but given that I rent a condo from its owner, that feels risky versus a truly temporary wallpaper.]

The hunt continues.

While I love prints like this and this, I think my bold home decor move will be limited to the color.

By the way, when I searched for “pink wallpaper” on Amazon, it defaulted to “Kids’ Room Decor.” Not cool.

Maybe I could buy the wallpaper and affix it using a temporary adhesive? If any of you home improvement types want to weigh in, I’d love it.

11 thoughts on “I found wallpaper and yes, it is pink

  1. Deborah Ilene

    In college I used to buy YARDS of fabric, dip it in liquid starch and put it on the wall. If you had someone who does wallpaper help with that, it’d look smooth and probably have a cool texture, too. It DOES peel off easily, as well…

  2. joeyfullystated

    I’m wondering why you don’t just paint it that berry color and then paint over it when you’re leaving?
    Also, wallpaper peels. You can try “safe” glues, but it’s likely the paper will peel, crack and still leave the walls marked.
    My suggestion is to buy a sheet of drywall, prime it and paint it, and place it where you would like some accent or focal point. You can even take that to a new apartment later.
    Pity me, too, because the paper I want for the laundry room is out-of-stock until JULY.

    1. onechicklette Post author

      I would have to ask the landlord to paint, but a nice temporary wallpaper, easier. If I could just find it!

      I’m intrigued by your drywall idea, but get tired just thinking about getting everything together and doing it inside my apartment. I don’t own a car after all.


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