Pop quiz: Which did Mom find more objectionable?

Mom visited me. More on that soon.

As I anticipated her visit, I asked myself “which will she hate more – my hair which I had colored a bit darker or my nails which are painted black?”

Mom and Jen

Naturally she had an opinion.

How do you think it played out? Vote now and I’ll tell you the answer tomorrow. Click here to find out.

8 thoughts on “Pop quiz: Which did Mom find more objectionable?

      1. markbialczak

        Rumpled? Nah. Fresh as a daisy. 🙂 I voted nails, by the way. I think your mom didn’t like the black nails. I’ll see tomorrow … Cliffhanger!

  1. cskolnicki

    I am not voting (!) but I think our moms may have been separated at birth. I just had the “which will she hate more – the fact that this dress is strapless or that my hair is too long?” debate with myself this weekend! You know they love us 🙂


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