What’s new with you, @Shankell?

I’m so excited to check in with Shannon Kelly. Her Twitter Spotlight was the first I ever did: number 4 to be exact.

ShannonShannon has lots of updates for us:

I switched up my career path a little bit!

I still want to be a professional golfer, but that may have to wait until I am retired and killing it on the senior ladies tour. I got out of sports broadcasting and focused on Public Relations and Social Media. I now work at the most magical place on earth… Canada’s Wonderland! (you thought I was going to say Disney…) Every day is a new experience. I love the fast pace, the fact that I can see roller coasters from my office window, and that I am truly content and more than anything, ecstatic to wake-up and go to work every day.

My wine drinking has moved from white to red. Big game changer. Give me a full-bodied glass of red and I’m in heaven.

I had major knee surgery which you can read about here. In my last spotlight I talked about loving a good pair of heels, and I still do, but I’ve had to embrace flats. Having major knee surgery and teaching myself how to walk again was a truly humbling experience. It changed me for the better, and I have taken many of those lessons learned and applied them to my every day life.


This year I joined a Board of Directors with 11 other Young Professionals. Dancers for Cancer is committed to raising $1,000,000 this year for SickKids Foundation. I’m honoured to be working on Marketing and Media with an incredible team. I think as Young Professionals, we are often thought of as being entitled, selfish, and lack the drive to give back if we don’t get anything out of it. I hope more than anything else, on top of the funds raised, that people can see a group of YPs dedicating a lot of time and energy to give back. It’s impressive, the BOD constantly amazes and inspires me.

Thanks, Shannon!

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