Trying to become high maintenance and succeeding

After what felt like a long, un-fun week, I needed a weekend to recover.

How I felt this week. Via

I’d post more about how hormones made me feel like a zombie with bad cramps, but I do hope to see a woman become President in my lifetime.

Recently my friend Courtney wrote this NY Times article about peels – OK, peels for men, but I ignored that part – that made me think “I should try that.” My skincare regimen is pretty basic: Cetaphil cleanser for makeup removal, Clinique Even Better moisturizer with 20 SPF and prescription Clindamycin foam for breakouts. Periodically (pun intended), I’ll use this Neutrogena scrub.

On Saturday, I went to Bliss Spa 57 with my wonderful friend Hassan. I had the Youth As We Know it facial with Carol. She was terrific and I enjoyed the whole experience.Bliss

OK, not the part when she put cucumbers over my eyes. You know how I feel about disgusting cukes. But that’s not Carol’s fault. The rest of the treatment smelled like citrus. I’m tempted to buy the serum she used on me.

Bliss has a new monthly membership that we’re both really tempted by.


After getting beautiful (more or less), Hassan I did some fancy walking down Fifth Avenue, browsing and shopping. We went to Saks and tried out seemingly 75% of the fragrances offered.

Highlights were Cruel Intentions (yes, that’s the actual name) from By Kilian and Neroli 36 from Le Labo. If my birthday were approaching, it’s that Le Labo solid perfume I’d be wishing for.

On the other hand, the unanimous loser was Victor & Rolf’s BonBon. Sickly sweet. No.

Do you have a beauty regimen? I’m now accepting your suggestions for how I can up my game in the comments below.

This post isn’t sponsored and I paid for everything mentioned, but some links are affiliate links because I’m poor after this facial. Hope you don’t mind.

5 thoughts on “Trying to become high maintenance and succeeding

  1. Deborah Ilene

    I may have blogged about this before, but a bit over a year ago I had a woman at Nordstrom give me a “facial.” Basically she washed my face, put a serum on it, used a mask for a couple minutes and talked to me about my regimen which consisted of any soap that was next to my sink and a towel to blot when clean. She made me promise to never use hand soap to wash my face again. I’ve kept my promise.

  2. markbialczak

    I take a shower every morning with Lever 2000 soap, and use the same brand while washing my face periodically during the day and before lights-out.

    Phew. I was worried I didn’t have a beauty regimen, Jen, but I was able to scrape this together for you. 🙂

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