The vacation after the vacation (but before the vacation)

I didn’t intend to take last week off from blogging – swear. But I got back from Florida and that’s what happened.


I effectively took a blog vacation after this vacation and before an upcoming work trip to Los Angeles and then the Jamaican vacation when Candace and Jay get married.

So. What have I been doing? Lots. Tons and tons of important stuff.

Like looking at hairstyle tutorials I’ll never follow through with.

And day drinking with friends including Adrienne who ran her second half-marathon recently. That’s a mudslide from Surf Bar.


I’ve been reading plenty, including this book and this mind-blowing NY Times article about American prisons’ treatment of inmates with mental health issues.

Oh! And I took selfies in the spooky bathroom at Mission Cantina before my friends and I decided that the five-item Vietnamese brunch menu wasn’t working for us.

What have you been up to, friends?


2 thoughts on “The vacation after the vacation (but before the vacation)

  1. markbialczak

    Nothing quite this exciting, Jen. … Well, maybe the Sweet Sixteen NCAA East Region in the Carrier Dome Friday and Dog Night at the Syracuse Crunch hockey game Saturday were pretty good. 🙂 Plenty of pictures at my place, and I just graduated from WordPress Photo 101 on Friday … Wait, I DID have a big time while you’ve been gone.


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