I went to LA, ate salads and gained three pounds

People in Los Angeles eat healthy. It rubbed off on me.

Look! Given many choices, I ordered this salad two days in a row.

LA salad

And then in a business meeting, I was offered sandwiches and this salad, and I chose salad. Lots of salad.

LA salad

But then I got home and found I had gained three pounds, not lost, three pounds. @#$%^#$%!*)

Maybe it was the visit to Umami Burger with Isaiah Mustafa.

Or the visit to Mastro’s with Millsy.

The delicious French toast at Kay ‘n Dave’s didn’t help, I guess.

Perhaps the dinner of enchiladas and micheladas at Frida contributed.

Hmm, there was also a visit to Leo’s Taco Truck after Manhattans at SoHo House. Those al pastor tacos are so good that it’s hard to stop at three.

But the local cat ate some of my food so I really don’t understand how three pounds happened. This is quite a mystery!

2 thoughts on “I went to LA, ate salads and gained three pounds

  1. markbialczak

    Ha! Shall we call it the Jenny LA Plan and market it to folks needing to gain some, ahem, heft? If you make a killing, all I ask for is a 5 percent cut of the pie, Jen. Pie. Not salad. 🙂


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