Go to Florida where you can always be the youngest person in the room!

Who wants to hear about my [long-ago] trip to Del Boca Vista? I mean Siesta Key, Florida.


You do, apparently, because you’re still here, reading.

[Meanwhile, I’m in Jamaica for the #BlewishWedding of Candace and Jay so once you’re done reading this, enjoy the relative silence.]

First of all, Siesta Key (near Sarasota) has been voted America’s Most Beautiful Beach by Someone Somewhere. I can’t disagree. The sand is spectacular: fine, white and clean.


When I last visited the area (September?) the Gulf of Mexico was so warm. I had a great swim. Alas, my old a$$ found the water too cold this trip so my swimming was limited to the heated pool.

My vacation consisted of a few hours in the sun followed by shopping and then dinner around 5pm. Maybe 5:30 but definitely no later than 6. Because Florida.

There were a lot of complaints from Dad, and plenty of complaints from Mom about Dad. But there was a lot of love too. Because family.

We ate here, and I drank in the ‘best bar’ with an old friend. The bartender carded me, and apparently sincerely, so I will agree that it’s the best damn bar period.


When I got home just after midnight, my mother was up waiting. Just like old times.

And then my little vacation was done. Until the next one.

In all seriousness, take every opportunity you have to enjoy time with your family. I joke, but with each passing year, time spent with my mom and dad becomes increasingly precious.

1 thought on “Go to Florida where you can always be the youngest person in the room!

  1. markbialczak

    Those are some white-a$$ beaches, Jen. OK, when it’s young you playing volleyball with some artsy sun work, I don’t mind seeing it twice. 😉 Glad to hear you appreciated mom waiting up for you after you got proofed in the Best Damn Bar Ever. If you gave the dude a big tip, he officially is the Slyest Damn Bartender Ever, too. 🙂


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