What’s new with you, Erin Sharoni?

I have been eager to feature an Erin Sharoni update for some time now. After all, she was one of the first to say yes to being in the Twitter Spotlight.

Erin now lives in beautiful Miami and has lots of updates to share.

1) Apparently everyone’s slept on the fact that I’ve been DJing since long before I was on TV and certainly long before Aoki began throwing cakes on people or anyone made more than a grand per gig. If I were to date myself, I might even say… since 1999. With real vinyl. Still have my Technics 1200s at home.


I just played a few gigs at Miami Winter Music Conference this March and at Cielo in NYC back in January. Here is the evidence.

2) I have a bi-weekly (sometimes weekly, if I’m ambitious) dance music podcast called Bring Your Body on iTunes, Soundcloud, Stitcher and soon-to-be-on iHeart Radio.

It’s called Bring Your Body because you’re SUPPOSED TO BRING YOUR BODY! Music and dance cures all. It’s the thing that’s kept me going through so many hard times in life. Music has the ability to affect us on the deepest levels, in so many ways. Dance music is so visceral. So, listen…feel it…and move!

3) I’m delighted to say that my inner geek is happier than she’s ever been. In February I joined biotech startup InsideTracker. Founded by MIT and Harvard scientists, the company is full of some of the most brilliant, creative people I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. Really exciting stuff.

We’re changing the way blood is analyzed. Totally revolutionary. Pro athletes use our technology to get a massive performance edge, but “regular Joes” use it too now. It’s truly amazing, and I can’t wait for it to become to single, go-to analytics tool for measuring internal health. LOOKOUT!

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