When it’s time to say goodbye

My friend Cherylanne (who you met here) recently made the hard decision to close a business. She posted about it on her blog.

Cherylanne Skolnicki

As she has for the two-plus decades I have known her, Cherylanne impressed me by how she has approached this experience:

Then, I had to let that chapter end. Believe me, pieces of my psyche desperately wanted to find some element of the business to preserve and protect. I wanted to believe it would eventually achieve the vision I had for it, and I wanted to prove that I had the grit to persist until it did. But I came to the realization that if I kept funneling my time and effort into this venture, I wouldn’t have the energy to pursue the next one.

Cherylanne’s perspective is useful not just for an entrepreneur, but for all of us. Whether it’s time to close the door on a relationship or a job, take the time to acknowledge the experience while you make plans for what’s next.

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