Your first kiss vs. My first kiss

I asked a few friends how their first kisses compared to mine, which you can read about here. And I don’t mean the sweet kind.

They didn’t disappoint–the friends, I mean. Their kisses are another story.

From @SecretBeck:

My first kiss: hahaha. I was 16, “You Shook Me All Night Long” came on and he was driving me home from a SUPER boring first date at the arcade.

“I think we should make out,” he announced and pulled over and kissed me with lots of gross tongue. Then he made fun of me for how bad a kisser I was and I KEPT DATING HIM.

When I broke up with him a few months later, he stalked me for YEARS. Eventually he threatened to kill me and the police got involved. The moral is to jump out of the car and run if someone wants to kiss you during an AC-DC song.

From my dear friend @JenniferJLag:

I remember my first fist-fight (6th Grade) against Tad Mapes. We got caught and had to sit beside each other the rest of the year. As for my first kiss….can’t remember a thing! What does that tell you?! 😉

From @MikeKelton:

My first kiss was in 7th grade. It was a special night when all the ‘cool girl’ invited me over to a make-out party but when I got there I was the only guy. At the time I thought it’s because they all liked me but looking back it was because I was also one of the ‘cool girls’.

We were watching Austin Powers and one Kaitlyn Weiss was like, ‘We should all make out with Mike’. I was like, ‘Yeah that sounds cool.’ So we went into the laundry room in Kaity Marcowitzes Mom’s house and one at a time I made out with each ‘cool girl’. There were 6 in all. We made out with tongue and I remember thinking it was a disgusting thing that I would never want to do again. I also got the name ‘Washing Machine’ because my tongue was so aggressive and  swirly, Kaitlyn Weiss said kissing me was like kissing a washing machine. I never made the mistake of kissing a girl again.

From @MegUrbani:

My first kiss was maybe at a party and was maybe part of a game and it was prob just a peck, and I couldn’t even tell you who it was. Ha!

But the one I really consider my first kiss (and now that I’m thinking about it, yikes the age thing is freaking me out in retrospect!) I was about 14.

I had a big crush on my friends older brother, and she kinda knew it and was very against it. He was a bit older, in high school, and it was the summer I was going from 8th to 9th grade. We were all watching a movie, and he and I were playing footsie the whole time. She left the room and he kissed me. Then walked me home later and kissed me some more. I was on cloud nine.

@1chicklette summer camp before 9th grade. Counselors & cabin-mates were watching & jumped out of the bushes to surprise us. Traumatized.

— Sabrina Starr (@Onesstarr) May 2, 2015

From @JunDishes:

My first kiss was in the 6th grade, I was 11, and I was on my first ever sleep-away trip without my parents. It was with my whole 6th grade class and we were “the seniors” in my elementary school and thus got to go Washington DC for a weekend. We stayed at some Holiday Inn somewhere, four kids to a room, and on the bus ride there all of a sudden everyone started pairing up as girlfriend and boyfriend. It was the weirdest phenomenon…like we were transformed into young adults on that lot bus ride and we had to either become “a couple” or be a loser. So my boyfriend ended up being a big black boy names Kareem. Kareem was at least three times my size and heads taller, with braces and he wore glasses with lenses thicker than my own dad at the time who wore pretty much coke-bottle glasses. Kareem was also the sweeties boy in the class despite his size…

So after a whole weekend of holding hands at the Lincoln Memorial and sharing lunch at The Smithsonian, we were all taken out AT NIGHT as a treat, to some ice cream parlour near our hotel. And it was plain to see that pretty much ALL the boys had something bulging out of their pockets…and they turned out to be little stuffed animals they’d purchased at the Holiday Inn giftshop. Unbeknownst to us girls, the boys had all planned this and intended on giving their respective “girlfriends” a stuffed animal after ice cream. What is girls also didn’t know was that the boys intended on getting a kiss from us in return.

So after ice cream we walked back to our hotel, led by our teacher Mrs. Tierney and her husband, and voila…Kareem whipped out a small teddy bear from his pocket and presented it to me. I accepted it, surprised, and then was even more surprised when Kareem came in for a kiss. It was short and so quick and I remember most how soft Kareem’s skin was against mine. His cheeks were so fat that they grazed my face during the kiss 😉

I never told my mom. But it never happened again. We all went back to being “single” at school on Monday. Haaaaaaaaa! Man.

How about you? Tell me about your first kiss in the comments.

5 thoughts on “Your first kiss vs. My first kiss

  1. BerLinda

    Mine was with my next door neighbour who I was totally in love with 🙂 I couldn’t stop laughing and laughed for around 3 days afterwards. Unsurprisingly, we didn’t end up together 😉

  2. sabrina starr

    To elaborate a bit… my summer camp ‘boyfriend’ and I had met at The Cape and hung out for about 2 weeks before we realized we were going to the same camp. It was all very casual and innocent. But when we arrived at camp, we were instantly a couple. Looking back, the counselors weren’t much older than us, so I’m sure they thought their plan was hilarious. The boys’ cabins were on one side of camp, and the girls’ were on the other. He was walking me back to my cabin (well, the dirt path leading to it) when THE KISS happened. And then we were ambushed. I honestly have no recollection of the actual kiss, just of the emotional trauma that resulted. And then, a few months later, I had a similar experience with my first real boyfriend, when he kissed me in the foyer of my house and I heard all 4 of my younger siblings laughing — the were spying on us from the stairs. I’m now in my 40s and still cringe thinking about these situations! Needless to say, I’m not a huge fan of PDA (though I was known to be a kissing bandit in my 20s, usually aided by a few drinks.) Glad I’m not the only one with not-so-great memories!

  3. Pen of the Sheep

    I think I was 16. It was with my first boyfriend, who was also my older brothers best friend. We ended up dating for 5 years. We had been dating for about year and I still wouldn’t let him kiss me (I didn’t think we were mature enough). Finally my big brother, with coaxing from my bf I am sure, put us, well me, on the spot and pretty much pushed our faces together! It was awkward and gross!

  4. LAMarcom

    My first kiss was at a party we (my step sis and I) had planned in our new palatial third-floor digs in my father’s house. The reason (excuse?) for the party was that “The Last Picture Show” in Honey Grove, TX had closed down—forever.

    So… during this party, which did not involve alcohol, we decided to play ‘Spin-The-Bottle’.
    Nervous? Me? Hell yeah!

    The bottle finally pointed at me. I ‘chose’ a tall blonde. She was ‘older’ and damn near sucked the lungs out of my chest, not to mention some molars and my tongue probably went missing.
    After that, I was ‘hooked’. I became a ‘Kissing Connoisseur’.

    And that rest, as they say ‘Was History.’

  5. Katelyn E.

    My first kiss was planned with a close guy friend of mine, who’s also my crush, and it happened almost a month ago. I’m 18 by the way. We both were moving to college far away, different schools but very close to each other. A couple days before i was going to me (he already moved into his dorm by this point) and we planned on hanging out and kissing the day after i moved in so I can get rid of the fear of having my first kiss, not be as nervous and to have my first kiss lol.

    I was nervous, after all it’s my first kiss, but it’s with a guy I have feelings for. I didn’t want to mess up.

    So the day came and we hung out for a bit. While hanging out, I was nervous the entire time, I didn’t know if he was going to kiss me or not. After a couple hours, he said he needed to go back to his college (I was his ride) and wanted a hug. It was a very passionate hug, he was rubbing my back which was sooooo good lol. But then I remembered, he was going to kiss me, so my heart started beating.

    I remember he told me that he could feel me shaking/ my heart beating fast, so he asked if I was okay. I told him i’m fine and he continued to rub my back. Then as we both looked at each other, we leaned in and then I backed out. I stuffed my face into his shirt because i was so scared. He asked me if I was okay, and continued to hug me and rub my back. I told him that I did want to kiss him, but I’m so scared. He told me everything was going to be okay and we don’t have to kiss if i didn’t want to (but i really wanted too).

    After a minute or so of hugging, we looked up at each other and just kissed. It was really nice and good if I do say so myself lol. But, me being freaking awkward, I asked him if it was okay/bad. He laughed a bit and told me it was good, so I felt better. We ended up kissing 3 times and made out on the last one. After the second kiss, i told him that there was really nothing to be nervous about, and he agreed. Finally after my third kiss, he kissed my forehead and then we Eskimo kissed i believe. He basically rested his nose on my nose and his forehead on my forehead. Shockingly, I would never have expected me making out as a “first kiss” but it was really nice.

    We’re still really good friends and I still freaking like the guy. I’m proud to say my first kiss was with my crush lmao.


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