Have you done a lunch swap?

And no, I don’t mean the kind you did in elementary school when your mom sent a tuna sandwich AGAIN.

This kind.  Special thanks to A Cup of Jo for sharing the story.

LA salad

An excerpt via Bon Appetit:

I discovered that the daily “Lunch Swap” routine began late last year, when associate marketing director Hillary Smith rallied four of her co-workers to alternate making and bringing home-cooked meals to share. Inspired by Julia Kramer’s James Beard Award-nominated “Lunch Al Desko” story in our April 2014 issue, the group wanted to add an element of community to re-thinking the midday meal. Now they can’t imagine workdays without the variety, pleasure, and economy of putting time and care into cooking for one another on assigned days. Since all five swappers are adventurous eaters without dietary restrictions, their food rules are relaxed, and the focus is on enjoying relatively healthy meals rich in flavor and texture.

I love the idea in theory. But as a somewhat picky eater, the notion of putting myself in others’ hands like this makes me anxious.

Have you doing something like this? What recipes would you use?

2 thoughts on “Have you done a lunch swap?

  1. markbialczak

    I agree, Jen. Excellent concept. However, one would need: A big enough working environment to have enough trusted friends; shared and long enough lunch hours to appreciate the experience; and accepting palate. Me? No, does not apply and not really.

  2. joeyfullystated

    I pack The Mister’s lunch, and I cannot imagine him doing this. The fact that his co-workers always envy his lunch is indicative to me that neither he nor I would trade those lunches with anyone. Yes, I am bragging. You forgive me.
    I do like a pitch-in lunch tho. Had lots of those when I worked. Some people really can cook and other people should just shop well 🙂


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