I have a crush on Charlie Hunnam

After all of the gloomy stuff I’ve been posting, I thought those of you who enjoy looking at handsome men deserved both a break and a treat.

Property of the Independent UK

Property of the Independent UK

(Don’t worry – a woman crush post is coming. I promise. Something for everyone.)

How hot is Charlie Hunnam of Sons of Anarchy fame?

(Not to mention dodged-the-Fifty-Shades-of-Gray-bullet fame)

Even USA Today called him ‘hunky.’

Image via Gannett/USA Today

Image via Gannett/USA Today

He does actually ride a Harley.

Via JustJared.com

Even when he’s playing an albino villain, he’s compelling. Yep, that was him in Cold Mountain which is one of the movies I never turn off if I spot it on cable.

And then there’s the bonus: he’s British with a lovely (if muddledaccent.

His next film has him playing King Arthur. Yeah, I’ll watch that.

Property of EW

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